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Our Partners

Our partners

SINTEG actively maintains relationships with very prominent and professional security industry manufacturers. SINTEG partners with major value-adding resellers who have sales experience and expertise in the security market and understand the requirements of integration-based provisioning. As a distributor or value-adding reseller for these manufacturers, we provide unique services that stand out in the market. These services include on-site warranty service and a full range of training, servicing and maintenance plans as well as on-call emergency support.

SINTEG has the depth of experience and practical implications of technology for various audio and video networking applications. Our personnel represent more than 25 years of combined experience providing sophisticated application solutions. SINTEG offers the industry’s leading technologies providing reliable, easy-to-use, high-quality, cost-effective, and highly-scalable integrated solutions. The ability to integrate a wide range of technologies in order to meet various needs of a wide variety of building, electrical and communication infrastructures has positioned us as the leading audio and video networking system applications integrator in the industry.

A List of our Partners