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Video Network Design and Implementation

Video Network Design and Implementation

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Video Network Design and Implementation

Video teleconferencing is becoming a key tool for effective business planning and execution. SINTEG assists in planning, designing, building and implementing a video network, video call service centers, and video network operations centers–we also provide engineering enhancements to already existing video networks. The design of a not only a useful and scalable but also a reliable video teleconferencing system requires an understanding of network design along with the specific requirements of video-over networks. SINTEG designs encompass the physical media, the video teleconference switching and bridging equipment, the end user hardware and software, and the video call operations center. SINTEG plans and sets up single or multiple facilities with floor space to accommodate hardware and network interfaces. Plans include templates for proper power, environmental control, low-voltage premise wiring, lighting, acoustics, and aesthetics.


Use Video Networking Services to:

Improve communications via standardized networking

Customize services to ensure satisfaction and to meet unique service needs

Integrate newly-acquired services via linked systems

Incorporate evolving networking applications

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