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Technical Knowledge & Capabilities

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Technical Knowledge & Capabilities


Technical Knowledge

SINTEG is proud of its success and its highly-trained technical staff. Our technicians adjust their knowledges and keep current in the modern technological world by attending factory-certified training courses, as delivered by equipment manufacturers and industry associations. In addition, we have an extensive library of existing equipment specifications and literature that we use in conjunction with state-of-the-art CAD technology.

Sinteg Capabilities

Security is a vital part of everyday life. SINTEG provides sensational skills, technical excellence, and the ability to integrate complex client security needs. SINTEG reviews your existing security management plan and works with you to establish an strategy that will prevail in the world of today. This includes site surveys, evaluation and development of system alternatives, research and design, cost estimation of conceptual plans, estimation of completion schedules, procurement, and final installation based on regulatory specifications. The security system designs are based on the latest proven technology available in the market. As your security consultant, SINTEG offers risk assessment, monitoring and surveillance, seminars and training, and crisis management. Clients seeking advice along with affordable evaluations of both current and potential future dilemmas can trust SINTEG to make a clear, concise and all-encompassing delivery.

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