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Lighting Equipment

Lighting Equipment Rentals

Lighting adds touches of both beauty and functionality to your venue. We have all the essentials to cover the extent of your lighting needs. Contact us today!

imageControllerThe 64P LED PRO is part of American DJs continuing pursuit for creating high quality and also affordable intelligent fixtures. The 64P LED PRO is a DMX intelligent LED Par Can. This Par Can is lightweight and compact which makes it a great piece for mobile DJs and clubs. This unit can be used as a stand- alone, or in a Master/Slave configuration. The unit can also be controlled via DMX controller.


The LXE700spot represents a huge advancement for Elektralite as one of the brightest spot fixtures produced to date. Equipped with both full CMY mixing and an additional color wheel, the fixture is able to produce both subtle shades and strong, saturated colors. It features an electronic-stepped zoom offering beam angles of 24º, 28º and 35º, two indexable rotating gobo wheels, and an effect wheel that allows the lighting possibilites to be endless!

ava-sony-HXC-100 The Spiderlite TD5: TD5 stands for Tungsten/Daylight – five lamps that gives it the components of a complete studio set up in just one package! You can insert up to five lamps into this one fixture using a standard E26 or even simply a common household base. What this lighting array offers is the ability to run either five  150 watt 3200 Kelvin Halogen lamps (optional) or five 27 watt 5500 Kelvin Fluorescent lamps. Regardless, there are ten lamps for both units included! This allows you to not only be able to quickly change your color temperature but it also allows you to change your environment temperature as well. There are three separate controls on this unit, one which pairs your top and bottom lamp, one which pairs your right and left lamp, and one which controls your center lamp.

Sony-PMW-F5ETC Source 4 fixtures are the standard for stage lighting, combining power efficient lamps with a variety of beam angles to fit your design needs.

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