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Conference Equipment

Conference Equipment Rentals

We provide a wide range of conference equipment for rent. We can help you achieve your business objectives with our equipment and make your event a success. Contact us today!

imageControllerThe Konftel 300 is packed with many smart features and designed for an incredibly flexible performance. Record your conversations on SD memory cards while the line mode allows you to switch between and combine three connective technologies: analog, cell phones and USB. The conference guide helps you make multi-party calls and save call groups, very useful for clients centering around maintaining group call consistency. The Konftel 300 is also ideal in larger contexts as you have the option of adding expansion microphones, a wireless headset and even a PA system, too. It goes without saying that the Konftel 300 delivers the ultimate sound quality and it does so based on a brand new generation of OmniSound® HD, Konftel’s crystal clear audio technology. All in all, the Konftel 300 has an intriguing Scandinavian design that gets combined with its custom audio features to effectively enhance any conference table meeting.

Sony-PMW-F5The DM4410 is a portable conference delegate unit perfectly suited for both permanent meeting rooms or temporary discussion-style meetings. The unit features a built-in high-quality loudspeaker. Each unit has an ON/OFF push button to activate/deactivate the microphone, as well as both “request”and “speak” features. So powerful yet so simple.

ava-sony-HXC-100The Williams Sound Digi-Wave system has a range of 100 feet outdoors and 200 feet indoors on this one-way system in the 2.4 GHz band. Receivers can be distributed however needed for use in conferences, business meetings, bus tours or even factories. It comes with the DLT-100 Transmitters (1 per language for translation purposes) and DLR-50 Receivers.


Introducing the Polycom HDX-900 HD Video Conferencing unit! Soon, you will discover that video communications using the HDX-9000 is easy, fun, and productive. Polycoms are the most easy-to-use video communications systems on the market today.

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