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Audio Equipment Rentals

If you have a party or a business conference and you need audio equipment, Sinteg can cater to all your audio needs. Call today!

imageControllerThe Crown XTi 4002 delivers an exceptional performance while eliminating the need for external EQs, crossovers, and limiters, immediately saving you money and rack space. Using the same framework technology as Crown’s I-Tech HD Series amplifiers, the Crown XTi 4002 provides revolutionary control with its PeakX Plus limiters that allow for threshold, attack, and release time control. The XTi4002 also has enhanced the Subharmonic Synth so you can easily manage frequency, gain and filter type, allowing for application-specific tuning. Crown has defied both boundaries and expectations in performance, features, and value with the new XTi4002.


AKG’s revolutionary DMS 700 is designed to provide you  the right number of channels in every situation. New, intuitive user interface and unprecedented audio quality make it easy to get better results than ever before! The DMS 700 is the first professional digital wireless microphone system that conforms to both FCC and European ETSI guidelines, and therefore can be used worldwide. The 155 MHz frequency range of transmitter and receiver gives the user the necessary flexibility even in a crowded RF environment. The 512 Bit encryption offers the necessary security for sensitive audio transmissions and the proper protection for the most important value                                                                                                       –your own credentials.

ava-sony-HXC-100The Soundcraft Vi1™ is a complete stand-alone console package with 32 channels of analogue input to 27 analogue outputs, plus 6 digital inputs, 4 Stereo FX Returns and 6 digital outputs in one chassis. As standard, Input to Mix capacity is 46 chs, but by adding a stagebox (compatible with the existing Vi racks), the simultaneous channel count increases to 64. Channels are routable to 24 multifunction busses, plus LR and Mono Mix busses.

Sony-PMW-F5The prx-512 is a powered, lightweight, compact 12″ two-way line-array speaker system designed for use in arrays of up to five units. VRX932LAP is the ideal choice when line-array performance is needed but the venue size calls for fast, easy set-up and doesn’t call for the very long-throw characteristics of larger line-arrays.

Sony-PMW-F5The Marantz CDR420 is an innovative, self-contained 2-channel portable hard disk recorder, equipped with a 2.5″, 20GB hard drive and the ability to read, convert and burn CD-R and CD-RW discs in Wav, MP3 and standard 16-bit PCM file formats. The CDR420 features dual XLR mic inputs with 48V phantom power, a SPDIF digital I/O, a USB 2.0 I/O port, a built-in speaker, a built-in microphone and a headphone output that provides dedicated monitoring level control and 4 modes of monitoring options. The USB port allows for both drive maintenance via Windows XP disk tools and the downloading of system firmware upgrades, thereby prolonging the professional life of the unit. The CDR420 is an open-ended and versatile professional field recorder that expertly addresses the needs of musicians, journalists and location recordists alike.

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