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Access Control


Access Control Systems

Designed to work together seamlessly, Access Systems’ products provide you with the technology you need to deliver sophisticated security solutions—from the simplest to the most challenging. Click on a product category to view the online catalog.

Honeywell n-1000 III-IV pic1_07

Honeywell Access N-1000-III-X Two Reader Controller Module, Eight DPDT Relay Outputs


Versatility, reliability and expandability are the three main features that make the N-1000 one of the most popular access control panels ever.

Expandability is the most important feature of any access  control system. The N-1000 can operate as a standalone two or four door controller, and up to 31 N-1000’s may be connected on an RS485 drop-line as needs increase.

Using WIN-PAK™ access control software, a total system is achieved by having each drop-line connected to a communication port, modem or ethernet terminal server. The N-1000 is designed to operate off-line, making access control decisions independently from a PC or other controlling device. It can also be connected to a host computer for system configuration, alarm monitoring and direct control. Connectivity to the host computer is accomplished via direct serial communication (RS232 or RS485), dial-up modem or TCP/IP network connection.

Another key feature of the N-1000 is its completely distributed database. All information regarding cards, time zones, relay control and alarm points is loaded into the N-1000’s memory, enabling the unit to operate completely independently of any other equipment.

The N-1000-IV-X allows for a card database of 25,000 cards and a transaction buffer capable of storing 6,600 transactions.


Honeywell Access NX1P One Door Enclosure, Compact, PoE or Externally Powered


NetAXS-123 is a fully featured, compact stand-alone access control solution that can be easily installed and managed via a web browser without the need to be connected to a network or the internet. Each NetAXS-123 panel can be configured for one, two or three doors.

  • Stand-alone panel managed using free web browser functionality
  • No need for dedicated software
  • Easy installation saves time
  • On-line management and remote service capability
  • Up to 48 doors with Ethernet Virtual Loop connectivity
  • A low cost of ownership solution – energy efficient savings
  • Fully upgradable to WIN-PAK when customer needs more functionality or integration

Honeywell Access NX1P One Door Enclosure, Compact, PoE or Externally Powered

Technical Specifications:

  • Door/Reader Capability: 1 DOOR Controller
  • Expandability: Expandable up to 93 DOORS (186 readers) per controller loop
  • Dual Reader Control Capability (IN/OUT Reader per Door): YES IN and OUT reader capability per door (readers must have HOLD line capability)
  • Reader Compatibility: Standard Wiegand protocol supported ABA not supported
  • Number of Outputs: Two SPDT relays (jumper selectable NO or NC contacts) per door rated at 3 A @ 28 VDC Two open collector outputs (OC) (16 ma, 12 VDC): reader LED (Aux) and reader buzzer (Aux) per door are available
  • Output Expandability: 2-door solution has 8 total outputs: 4 relays, 4 OC (requires NXD1 add-on board)
  • Relay Power Source: Selectable: +12 VDC self-powered – OR – 0 to 28 VDC externally supplied source
  • Number of Inputs: Controller has a total of six configurable four-state supervised input points. (Factory default settings are Status, REX, Reader Tamper A, Reader Tamper B, Power Fail and General Input)
  • Input Expandability: 2-door solution has a total of 10 inputs (requires NXD1 add-on board)
  • Power-Fail and Panel Tamper: Yes
  • “Off the Wall” Tamper Capability: Yes
  • Unit Input: Power over Ethernet (PoE) 802.3af or external 12 VDC supply
  • Control Board Power Input: Power over Ethernet (PoE) or +12 VDC
  • Power for Reader(s) and Input Devices & Power for Locks/Strikes: 450 mA, 12 VDC is available to power strike, reader(s) and input devices when using PoE If higher current is needed, power by external 12 VDC supply
  • Backup Battery System: External
  • Physical Enclosure Size: 7.75H x 7.75W x 2.75D
  • Wiring Access Holes/Knockouts: 7
  • Removable Terminal Blocks with Color Coded Labels: Yes
  • Graphic Wiring Cards/Labels: Yes
  • Captive Mounting Hardware: Yes
  • Real Time Clock: Global Geographic Time Zone Support Daylight Saving Time Support
  • Clock Synchronization: Yes – via NTP network server
  • Processor: Freescale Coldfire 32-bit
  • System MTBF (mean time between failures): 250,000 hours
  • Temperature Ratings: 32 to 120F (0C to 49C) Operating, -67 to 185F (-55C to +85C) Storage Certifications and Approvals: CE and FCC compliant UL-294 listing
  • Material: High Impact Plastic
  • Enclosure size: 7.75″H x 7.75″W x 2.75″D
Honeywell netaxs4_pr



Honeywell’s NetAXS 4 door controller is a feature-rich access control solution with an intuitive Web interface. It gives you all the benefits of traditional access control such as helping secure doors, managing employee access and sites remotely, and generating reports easily to meet compliance requirements.

NetAXS has been developed with an installer-friendly design that easily adapts to existing IT infrastructure and methods. This means reduced installation and support cost. Plus, NetAXS seamlessly integrates to Honeywell’s fully-featured WIN-PAK software to enable more robust and sophisticated NetAXS integrations. So as your system grows, NetAXS grows with you.

Honeywell winpac_se3_pr

Honeywell’s WIN-PAK® integrated security software seamlessly combines full scale security integration with access control, digital video and security. WIN-PAK’s powerful user interface allows integrators to install a single software for all of their customers’ security needs.

  • WIN-PAK SE 4.0 Single user (Standard Edition) with basic video integration: The single user software supports advanced access control and basic video including Honeywell DVRs and NVRs. Depending on the application, choose Galaxy intrusion panel integration as an option.
  • WIN-PAK SE 4.0 Five user (Standard Edition) with advanced video integration: The five user software supports advanced access control including advanced video support for Honeywell DVRs and NVRs. Depending on the application, choose Galaxy intrusion panel integration as an option.
  • WIN-PAK PE 4.0 (Professional Edition): The unrestricted user software supports advanced access control, including advanced video including Honeywell DVRs and NVRs and Galaxy intrusion panel integration.

WIN-PAK optimises system performance and total cost of ownership by supporting multiple Honeywell platforms – including access control, video surveillance and intrusion – from a single user interface. The benefit is seamless integration that offers a common look and feel for access control hardware as well as video and intrusion solutions. Functions that have traditionally been tied together with physical relays and input devices are now controlled logically. This simplicity gives users greater control over their systems than they had using multiple software platforms and interfaces, and is an improvement over a typical non-integrated solution where devices are unaware of what each other is doing. Reducing the total cost of ownership is always at the forefront of Honeywell products. Unlike other software manufacturers, Honeywell does not charge licence fees per reader which reduces costs when expanding the system.

WIN-PAK’s access control functionality has been extended by natively supporting NetAXS-123 and NetAXS-4 and NS2 panels. With the NetAXS panels, more levels of access management have been included such as Supervisor mode, Escort mode and VIP cards. With NetAXS-4, hard-wired elevator control can be created.

WIN-PAK’s intrusion integration provides a graphical overview of the intrusion system and a virtual keypad for operators to view the status and control their system remotely. This is ideal for monitoring remote sites, as well as managing multiple sites from a single location. WIN-PAK simplifies the access control process and prevents false alarms by allowing supervisors to arm or disarm the system with a valid card.

WIN-PAK SE/PE 4.0 offers completely new and enhanced digital video integration to Honeywell Rapid Eye™, Fusion and HRDP ‘Performance Series’ Digital Video Recorders, but also with MAXPRO® NVR XE / SE and Fusion NVR. Integration allows video to be linked to access control and Galaxy intrusion and even video related events and alarms. System-wide video clips can easily be recalled through the software based on time or event. With integration, users can have complete control of cameras, including pan, tilt and zoom and can verify live users with stored images using the video verification option. Video clips can also be stored.

WIN-PAK offers advanced reporting capabilities that customers are demanding, so users can create customised reports or choose from a variety of predefined reports that can be emailed or exported. Whether you require a simple or comprehensive security solution, WIN-PAK is the right choice for now and the future.

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Access Control:

An access control system can be used for virtually any door where you want to regulate and monitor access. Interior or exterior doors can easily be supervised with readers, contacts, and an array of locking devices that suit your needs.

Keyscan access control systems are designed to make access control as easy as possible to implement in your facility. Whether you are designing a basic system with a single door or a complex system with hundreds of doors in multiple facilities around the world, Keyscan has an access control solution to suit your needs.

This makes configuration options as simple as possible. All Keyscan hardware and software is 100% North American designed, engineered and manufactured so every component works together to create a feature-rich solution that is intuitively organized for end user ease-of-use.

Specific Keyscan CA series access control units are outlined below on the left; common features and benefits are outlined on the right. Units can be mixed and matched to meet your requirements.

Keyscan CA8500

Keyscan CA8500

The KEYSCAN-CA8500 is an 8 door control unit designed for fast and efficient performance with standard features like dual on-board processors and heavy duty relays. The control unit is built for maximum flexibility and limitless expandability.

Technical Specifications:

  • Doors: 8
  • Reader Ports: 8
  • Request to Exit Inputs: 8 supervised
  • Door Contact Inputs: 8
  • Auxiliary Inputs: 16 supervised
  • I/O Input Expansion: 64 (banks of 10)
  • Auxiliary Output Relays: 8
  • Expansion Auxiliary Output Relays: 8
  • I/O Outputs: 64 (banks of 16)
  • Door Output Relays: 8
  • Cardholders: 32,000
  • Transaction File Buffer: 6000
  • Time Zones: 256
  • Time Schedules: 512
  • Group Levels: 511
  • Holiday Dates: 64
Keyscan PR93953V2

CA4500 – 4 Reader Access Control Unit

Each CA4500 includes the following components.

  • 1 – CA4500B ACU control board
  • 1 – OCB8 relay board
  • 1 – DPS-15 dual linear power supply
  • 1 – Black metal enclosure
  • The complete family of Keyscan access control units includes a 1, 2, 4, 8 and Elevator Floor Access Control panels tha can be mixed and matched to optimize system design and installation
  • Uses network appliance-based architecture
  • Easily configurable reader settings supporting Wiegand protocols
  • Dual multi-threaded on-board processors ensure full panel operation even during system downloads
  • System status LEDs for diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Communication options: TCP/IP, LAN/WAN, Internet, RS485
  • mes with 1 – CA4500B PC109X ACU Main Board, 1 – OCB8 (PC110X) Relay Board, 1 – DPS-15 Power Supply and Black Metal Enclosure
  • Requires 2 – 16 V AC 37 or 40 VA Transformers and 1 – 12 V 7Ah Battery
  • Card Capacity 32,000 Cards, 4 Card Readers and/or Keypads, 4 Auxiliary Outputs and 16 Auxiliary Inputs

CA250 – 2 Reader Access Control Unit

Each CA250 includes the following components.

  • 1 – CA250B ACU control board
  • 1 – OCB8 relay board
  • 1 – DPS-15 dual linear power supply
  • 1 – Black metal enclosure
Keyscan CA150-Box

CA150 – Single Door PoE Control Unit

When it comes to performance, capacity, and overall capability, the CA150 is comparable with our full line of access control units. The CA150 is designed to perform with Keyscan access control management software.

  • Innovative IP “At the Edge” solution
  • Network appliance-based connectivity with built-in PoE ready TCP/IP module
  • PoE mode powers reader, strike, and other auxiliary devices
  • DHCP supported
  • Dual processors
  • Flash memory
  • Two reader ports
Keyscan WLALKIT0315

CA150WLKT Wireless Lock Interface

Integrates Allegion AD400 series wireless locks into new or existing Keyscan Aurora access control systems. The CA150WLKT* includes a CA150WL access control unit built by Keyscan and a PIM400-485 wireless lock interface unit from Allegion.

  • Supports up to 8 Allegion AD400 wireless locks per kit
  • Operates with Keyscan’s renowned Aurora software platform
  • Functions in a stand-alone capacity or
  • Integrates within new or existing Aurora-based access control system
  • Supports PoE

Keyscan EC2500_w_Box_R

EC2500 – 2 Cab Elevator Control Unit

Each EC2500 includes the following components.

  • 1 – EC2500B control board
  • 2 – OCB8 relay boards
  • 1 – DPS-15 dual linear power supply
  • 1 – Black metal enclosure
Based on the PowerStar Technology, which has been used and manufactured for over 10 years, the PowerPlex Series utilizes new capacitor technology to store power longer and more efficiently. There is no handle pumping required to wake up the lock and the built-in super capacitors will hold a full charge for up to 10 weeks with no activity at the lock. The lock is perfect for small to mid-sized facilities, rarely visited remote locations, retail “Employees Only” areas and military facilities, just to name a few.