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SINTEG Inc. provides completely integrated networking solutions for clients worldwide. The team at SINTEG offers more than 25 collective years of experience in the commercial, industrial and governmental markets. We deliver holistic services ranging from auditing individual aspects of an organization to the design, development, implementation and service of enterprise-wide integrated architecture. Our unique capabilities enable us to provide clients with single source turn-key solutions for complex medium and large scale projects. Whether your needs are immediate or rather in anticipation of the future, you can look to SINTEG to provide you with strategic system-integrated solutions using the latest technology available.

Services We Provide

SINTEG Inc. provides a wide range of services that cater to the commercial, industrial and governmental markets. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

Audio & Video Networking

In today’s high-tech work environments, SINTEG knows that integration drives the design of  low-voltage systems in any facility. Learn more

Network Design and Implementation

SINTEG offers a wide variety of design and installation services to businesses of all sizes.  Learn more



Service Solutions

Our team provides service solutions and builds programs that not only add value but are also consistent with your organization’s approach to managing security.Learn more

Network Assessment and Planning

SINTEG Network Management and Planning services offer multiple levels of security networking assessment, varying in the amount of detail provided from each service.  Learn more

Video Network Design and Implementation

Video teleconferencing is becoming an increasingly essential tool for effective business planning and execution. SINTEG assists businesses with their video networking design and can help them carry out a design tailored to their needs. Learn more

Extended Warranty and Maintenance Programs

Extended Warranty and Maintenance agreements provide the finest care and attention in our client by client systems. Learn more

Physical/Electronic Security

SINTEG has a team of engineers that combine industrial expertise with highly-evolved and prepped technologies ready for easy installation and use. Learn more

Systems Integration

Sinteg works in actively providing Systems Integration solutions and technical solutions for critical Federal infrastructures.  Learn more

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